Sunday, April 29, 2012

My final #wwbw post for Dork Adore: Community and more

I'm having to move on from my super-fun column at Dork Adore, so I've done a final round-up, talking about my favourite shows from the 3 years I've been there (Psychoville, Ashes To Ashes and Doctor Who all make an appearance) and offering a final review - Community.

I'm pretty much the last person to see it, but if you're as lame as me, you can get the first series on DVD and series 2 is currently showing on Sony Television Channel. It's as clever as it is sweet, steeped in a love of pop culture and incredibly performed. Get some.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

10 things we learned from #ACMS at The Vandella

1. Alexis Dubus is a master upstager.
As Marcel Lucont, the ACMS board member did a 'mime' on a pitch black stage (in front of an audience also plunged into darkness) and got the biggest laughs of the night. And then reappeared from backstage after the interval. Magnifique.

2. Tom Bell could be funny in a cardboard box.
And was. Very. Tom offers up a different little gem of an idea at every ACMS, and this time he was an Aussie motivational speaker called Cornelius, coaxed out of his box by kind words written down by the audience.

3. Sam Schäfer can draw a mean graph or two.
He'll be funny and charming while he presents them, too. Plus, his graphs involve dinosaurs and ninjas, so way cooler than most.

4. Morgan Murphy should gig here more.
A one-liner specialist from Portland, she's really bold, loads of fun and instantly likable.

5. Josie Long will soon turn 30.
And she's fine with it! So she should be. A properly glorious set based around MSN's extraordinarily fanciful 30 Things To Do Before You're 30 including 'quit your job'.

6. Nadia Kamil wants (half of) you to have a smear test.
And will rap you into submission while looking super-cool in braces and shades.

7. Max and Iván are superb.
Okay, maybe not learned but reaffirmed. Incredible performers with witty, complex ideas - I can't wait for their new show 'Con Artists'.

8. John-Luke Roberts really doesn't like cricket.
But Thom Tuck loves it. And knows a LOT about it. And combines those qualities to write some wonderfully groan-worthy cricket puns.

9. If you sit near the front at #ACMS, you will be involved.
Luckily, it won't be humiliating, and might even be fun. I was Yoko to Steve Pretty's Lennon and jumped along to Van Halen with Ben Target and the rest of the front row.

10.  The Vandella would be a great new permanent home.
It's brand new and it's really lovely. Can see myself spending a few more nights there over the coming months.

* Picture by ACMS documenter extraordinaire, Isabelle aka Diamond Geyser.