Saturday, December 10, 2011

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea and Fanta Orange reviews

Did I not link to these reviews? How remiss of me.

Here's my take on the very lovely, the very funny and the very well-written Danny and the Deep Blue Sea...

...and here's my review of the well-meaning but oddly muddled Fanta Orange.

Both for the ace Exeunt magazine!


Paul Lowman said...

The Fanta Orange review is among the best things you've written, Anna - there's a real clarity to it, which is obviously vital if you're commenting on the muddled-ness of the play. You've written before about how important it is that a review is not subject to same criticisms that the review itself is making; you definitely achieved this here.

how to edit a picture said...

Hello, I absolutely agree with Paul Lowman, he is absolutely right about these reviews!

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