Sunday, December 26, 2010

Anna's Twitter-inspired Review of the Year

My favourite 'things' of the year, in tweet-sized, 140-character summations...

Play: La Bete
David Hyde Pierce proves himself the king of re-acting during Mark Rylance's achingly funny 25 minute monologue.
Honourable mention: Joseph K
Franz Kafka with laughs, absurdity and lots of menace, in a new adaptation of The Trial

Musical: Matilda
Practically perfect in every way - funny script; sublime, intricate songs and glorious staging. Not just for kids.
Honourable mention: Err...
Didn't really see any others apart from Hair... and I wasn't into it. Sorry, mum.

Some of his best songs ever (The Fence, Beauty, Thank You God, Rock&Roll Nerd, Not Perfect) made even more stunning by a 55-piece orchestra.
Honourable mentions: Ben Folds and Nick Hornby - Lonely Avenue; The Divine Comedy - Bang Goes The Knighthood; Rufus Wainwright - All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu
Each of my three favourite artists bring out superb albums that prove they are still at the top of their respective games.

Neil Hannon holds court with nothing but piano & guitar for company in surroundings that suit him & with an audience that knows every word.
The Beatles hero keeps rocking for three full hours playing All My Loving, Jet, Lady Madonna and Back in the USSR along the way.

Comedy gig: The Horne Section
Highlights of this wonderful show across the year include Tom Basden's Champagne on the piano, Battleships song& Tim Key singing in Russian.
Aussie comic provides the most magical moment on the Fringe in this funny and splendidly-performed show.

Practically perfect in every way (again). Spanish Buzz is inspired, the monkey is terrifying, Barbie's a hero & the ending is heartbreaking.
Honourable mention: Back to the Future
One of the greatest family films of all time looks even better on the big screen.

Complex, humane, funny and engrossing, this inventively-written novel is beautiful from start to shocking finish.
An audacious and ambitious allegory that doesn't feel like preaching to the (un)converted.

TV drama: Ashes to Ashes
The show's best series comes to a bombastic end with a proper, unequivocal resolution that brought the best out in Hawes, Glenister & Mays.
Honourable mentions: Downton Abbey, Doctor Who
ITV beats BBC at its own game with a fabulous costume drama; and Moffat, Smith & Gillan combine for an inconsistent but enjoyable series.

TV comedy: The Trip
Brydon and Coogan deliver belly-laughs and bromance in the beautiful North West in this clever and stylish comedy.
A stupidly strong sketch show bursting with ideas; and an excellent comedy with something to say from Higson and Whitehouse.

The Daily Show's champion of moderation tries to cover for Obama's rhetorical error with the greatest of all jovial epithets.
They couldn't do it *again* could they? Oh wait, they just did.

One to watch: Tom Basden
A playwright and comic with a sell-out play (Joseph K) and prime-time series (Armstrong & Miller) to his name. 2011 could be a big one.


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