Saturday, July 03, 2010

Short blog #3: Karaoke Circus @ The 100 Club (with full orchestra)

It's Karaoke Circus time again, but just a quick snapshot I assure you. The nomadic night found itself back in The 100 Club this time round, complete with Martin White's mammoth Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra and, as ever, its wonderful atmosphere means that it is probably best seen rather than described... So first up, here's the great Tony Gardner putting the imaginary R into Sha(r)ft - a tune which it's an absolute joy to hear played live:

And here's Karaoke Circus deity (oh yes) Chris Addison matching up to a frankly majestic orchestral backing on Pet Shop Boys's Left To My Own Devices:

Also on show among many others were Tim Vine making his KC debut (quite the crooner), Robin Ince bringing a tear to the eye (maybe) with Two Little Boys, Andrew Collins (secret) dancing his way through Uptown Top Ranking, Lizzie Roper blasting out Call Me and assorted plucky punters attempting the likes of Bat Out Of Hell, Design For Life, These Boots Are Made For Walking and - in the winning performance - Take Me Out.

NB. I have not written anything for ten minutes. Instead I have been reliving my first Karaoke Circus experience (Albany, April 2009) by singing along to a karaoke version of Tiny Dancer on YouTube. This is the power or Karaoke Circus people. Embrace it.


Lesley said...

Very much looking forward to experiencing Karaoke Circus first hand in Edinburgh.

Diva said...

This is cool! Looks like way more fun than singing at home with a personal karaoke machine.