Saturday, July 03, 2010

Short blog #1: Paul McCartney, Cardiff Millennium Stadium

All families have stories that are wheeled out at any available opportunity, and the one that is most frequently repeated in the Lowman household is that young Lesley Harrison (mum) went to see The Beatles at the Nelson Imperial Ballroom in '63, stood in the balcony because she wasn't really old enough to be there, and was waved at by none other than Macca.

Skip forward 47 years, and Lesley now Lowman got to see her favourite Beatle, this time with her husband and the kids in whom she had instilled a huge love for him. Yes, me and Paul (the big bro one) spend a not inconsiderable proportion of our lives standing up for Macca against those who say he's cheesy, over the hill, or simply not as talented as John.

Legend is a big word, but you don't get bigger than a Beatle, and McCartney seems anxious to live up to his status, and to his fans' expectations; this gig was three hours long and packed with all the songs you would expect, and several you wouldn't.

So yes, there were the songs that you now simply think of as 'Paul McCartney songs' - like Hey Jude, Yesterday, The Long and Winding Road, even Jet and Live and Let Die - but there were also songs which are undeniably Beatles songs. And there we were, seeing and hearing a Beatle perform them. Incredible - and, in the case of second number All My Loving, really quite emotional for me. Pure, joyful, early Beatles. And dancing along to Back in the USSR and that - as Neil Hannon would have it - divine Beatles bassline of Lady Madonna? Truly magical.


Simone said...

This blog gave me goosebumps.

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

HUG for you, Simone.

Lesley said...

Wasn@t it just fab?! The concert lived up to expectations and it was lovely to be able to share the fulfillment of an ambition even if it was 47 years later!A slightly different crowd experience from the 1000 or so at the much loved Nelson Imperial Ballroom but the Cardiff Milennium stadium was also awesome.

RigbyMel said...

As an avowed Macca-fan specifically and Beatle fan in general. I applaud this post.

I got to see Paul perform twice back in the mists of 1989/90 (at Madison Square Garden in NYC and at RFK Stadium in D.C.) Haven't been able to afford to see him since, but I sure would like to be able to do so! I will vicariously enjoy intelligence from my friends that *have* gotten to enjoy this tour. :-)