Sunday, July 18, 2010

Edinburgh Previews - Alex Horne and Jonny Sweet

Unlike my last tenuous effort, these shows were genuine Edinburgh Previews; they were advertised as such and everything. And we even got a BBQ in between so win, win... win.

I've seen Alex Horne on We Need Answers (lots and lots), doing a teeny club set at Gloom Aid, and I loved The Horne Section a few weeks back, but I've never actually seen a full show from him before. He tells us right at the start of his Edinburgh show Odds that it only contains three jokes - when someone shuffles in 10 minutes late, he has to inform them that they've already missed 33% of them - but they're good ones (read: delightfully groany) and in any case, Odds is more about the story and its telling. Accompanied by his trusty Powerpoint and clicker, Horne takes us through his genuine bet that he would make a hole in one - on a "proper golf course", as the betting slip stated - before his 32nd birthday. During the show he discusses his favourite bets (he really does have them) and even manages to explain a Stephen Hawkins theory in a way that makes complete sense. The show is beautifully paced, has a wonderful story arc and, a month ahead of the Fringe, already pretty much fully-formed.

Another Powerpoint aficionado is last year's Comedy Awards Best Newcomer Jonny Sweet, and his new show has an even odder premise than his winning one - a one hour talk on the merits and eventual fall from grace of HMS Nottingham, from crew to, er, plumbing. Again, he plays a nerdier, egotistical and slightly unhinged version of himself, but to say any more would, I'm afraid to be giving rather a lot away. Suffice to say it has a VERY big twist that I am sure will have Edinburgh tongues a-wagging come August.

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