Monday, May 17, 2010

Hang around The Inkwell

Dear readers, big bro Paul Fuzz and I require your knowledge, opinions and five minutes of your time, if you please!

Paul's in the process of setting up a rockin' coffee, gifts and records store in York - The Inkwell (name that reference) - and you are such a discerning lot that we think your views are not just welcome but imperative, dammit. There's a survey here and it really doesn't take long to fill in, but the feedback will be genuinely valued, and genuinely listened to.

Many thanks!


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I've done mine!

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

Thanks Lisa! Knew we could rely on you :D

Paul said...

Hey, thanks Sis! And thanks Lisa! I owe you a coffee!