Monday, April 05, 2010

An Event Of Some Kind's Birthday Bash

Poet, front-man and Tweeter-extraordinaire, H Anthony (AKA Junior Ministers) has been hosting An Event Of Some Kind for a year now - a wonderful, heart-warming South London night of music and funniness, often combined. So, last Friday it was time to get back some of the top acts and bring in a couple of talented first-timers.

The back room of a pretty standard pub in a residential area may not sound like the most exciting venue, but spaces are very often transformed into something more beautiful by what happens within them, and that's certainly the case at The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell every time An Event Of Sometime occurs.

At this birthday party, the night got off to an encouragingly great start with Pippa Evans, whose drunk, messed-up singer-songwriter character Loretta Maine just goes from strength to strength. There was more straight stand-up in this set than I've seen from her before, and, combined with the fabulous songs, it's clear that Loretta could easily carry a great hour-long show on her own - I hope that's the case come Edinburgh.

Aussie songstress Emi Green came next - a Sheila Nicholls-y songwriter who has a lovely voice and a real talent for storytelling lyrics - and closing both halves of the night were the utterly fabulous 6 Day Riot. A fun, folky five-piece complete with double bass, violin and two types of ukulele (standard and bass, of course), they rocked AEOSK back in June. There's a slightly different line-up now, but the ethos of big, thumping, sing-a-long songs remains, and led by the talented Tamara, I can only see genuinely big things for them - they're the perfect festival band, so check them out this summer if you can.

The final guest of the evening was a certain Mr Tim Minchin, and I'm not saying H Anthony is guilty of nepotism to get him on the bill, but let's just say they're good friends and leave it at that. I jest of course, it was a real joy to have Minchin at the birthday bash - I've not seen him perform since the Ready For This? tour back in October, and the intimacy of this gig meant he could go off script. As such we got an uber-silly Easter song - prefaced with the threat that he would track down anyone who posted it on YouTube - the fabulous Good Book and Mitsubishi Colt backed by double bass and drums courtesy of 6 Day Riot. This beat poem may not be as celebrated as the ode to rationalism Storm, but it is just as tricksy, and one of my favourites (Tim Minchin songs, I mean, not beat poems. I can't claim to be an authority on them, really).

Top off the night with an everybody-on-stage version of the Junior Ministers anthem Bounce, and you've got something pretty wonderful. Perhaps the way forward from here is to go just a little bigger - Karaoke Circus's successful move from teeny Albany to the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club has proved that you can allow more people to share in the fun without losing any of the atmosphere that makes a night special.

Tim Minchin fan, by the way? Check out this video, hot off the presses:


Simone said...

A lovely review for a truly wonderful gig.

Do we know when Comedy Cuts is going to air? It looks like one hell of a programme.

howlie, said...

Sounds like a good night. I'd totally forgotten that me and Goose saw Loretta in Edinburgh at The Hotel.

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

Thanks Simone! No, not sure yet - it's been in the can so long!

And yes, I saw her there too, Misha.

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