Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Circus of Karaokeness

I wasn't going to do a blog about this Karaoke Circus because I genuinely do worry that you're all sick of reading about its mind-blowing brilliance. But, Mum has asked for one (and who can turn down a mum) and this one *was* particularly notable for several reasons. For brevity, I shall bullet point them...

- The Venue: KC's nomadic nature meant we regulars headed West to Ginglik, an underground bar on Shepherd's Bush Green (literally in the middle of it) converted from the gents public toilets. Surprisingly sanitary despite this.

- Dan Maier Sings: "Fresh" from an umpteen-hour flight from Australia which was delayed by that blasted volcano, Dan didn't feel up to judging - but took to the stage and sang 'It's The End Of The World As We Know It' with Robin Ince instead. Brilliant!

- Singing In French: In what was probably my favourite performance of the night, Radio 4 regulars Laurence & Gus's did a stunning rendition of 7 Seconds; yes, complete with the French verses, in full, learned word for word.

- Surprise Tim Minchin: It's always a delight to see our Aussie maestro, even more so when it's a bonus. Last night he bounced his way through the Wannadies' The You And Me Song.

Highlights in visual form (thanks to Mr Paul Bailey):

Dan Maier and Robin Ince

Laurence and Gus

Tim Minchin

And lest we forget those brave, hardy audience members who stick their name on the list to sing (thanks to Mr Rob Sedgebeer):

Seb Patrick performs National Express

Karaoke winners Victoria and Andy perform Stan


David said...

Thank you for providing us non Londoners with another insight into the fun which is the fab Karaoke Circus.

chatterbox said...

Ah, I *so* want to get to one of these!

And thanks to your Mum for encouraging you to write the review!

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

That 'David' is actually my mum - signed in on a Google account she shares with Dad!

And yes, it would be lovely to see you there sometime :)