Thursday, February 25, 2010

No more We Need Answers, no more Newswipe...

...thank goodness for Bellamy's People and its 8-episode-instead-of-6-episode season! Pure character comedy, nothing on telly makes me giggle quite so much as this at the moment, and I'm not sure it's getting the recognition it deserves. A conversation about the show recently had me fighting with myself over which is my favourite character (white van man? old Humphrey Milner who's right about everything? the "reformed" criminal? every one Felix Dexter plays?) and which is my favourite performer (Lucy Montgomery is rather special, it has to be said). It's nothing ground-breaking, and not everything works, but it's impeccably performed, and it has a lovely tone about it. If you haven't caught it so far, take a quick look right here... (This clip doesn't exactly show it in its best light, so maybe just watch an entire episode on iPlayer instead.)

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