Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Karaoke Circus built just for me...

I realise it probably gets quite dull, me constantly saying that Karaoke Circus is one of the finest things, in general, to grace God's green Earth, but the fact is - the fact - is that's precisely what it is so I shall continue to say it and continue to bore you. Sorry bout that.

As I very subtly hinted in the title of this blog, this was a Karaoke Circus built, apparently, just for me, thanks to the inclusion of some of my very favourite songs. The foremost of these was The Beatles' Oh Darling, a song I love dearly, and which is certainly in my top ten of all time - and to see it performed by the KC Band (Martin, Danielle, Foz and Dave), and sung but Hattie Hayridge (you know) and an audience made up of people I really, really like... well, there's a strong possibility I won't ever actually see The Beatles perform it, so this was a pretty wonderful replacement.

Added to this, audience members bravely stepped up to sing a couple of songs which equally mean a lot to me: Dream A Little Dream Of Me, which the brilliant Hayley Hutchinson sang while my big bro signed the marriage register (said audience member was great, so I admit to having a lump in my throat); and the Huey Lewis version of The Power Of Love. Not sung at my brother's wedding, admittedly, but I damn well played it at the reception - its bombastic opening and, above all of course, its association with one of my favourite movies, means it makes me stupidly happy. I rather cherished the chance to sing it at the top of my voice...

Then there's just the fact that I got to share a few hours with lots of people I like very much. The performers, which comprised *breathe* Josie Long, Andrew Collins, Kevin Eldon and Liza Tarbuck, Laurence Howarth, Garry Richardson, Thom Tuck, Robin Ince, Waen Shepherd and Tony Gardner, are all brilliant people; the judges Baron (Foz's other half as it were) and Dan Maier (brilliant co-brains behind TV Burp) are the perfect good-cop, bad-cop combination; the band can apparently turn their hand to anything; and the audience is just wonderful both in the collective sense, and the in terms of the individuals within it whom I have the pleasure of knowing.

Sigh... just two months to wait til the next one, then.... far too long, of course, but you wouldn't to wear out something as delightful as Karaoke Circus through over-use, now, would you?

[There's a great, and rather more thorough round-up of the evening over at A Year In Amateur Music, by the way - enjoy!]

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Paul 'Fuzz' Lowman said...

Sounds absolutely perfect, Anna. Good music, good vibes and good's what life is meant to be about, surely. Glad you had such a mega time - maybe we'll get to one sometime. X