Saturday, January 02, 2010

Bye Bye Ten! AKA A love letter to David Tennant's Doctor...

(written for Dork Adore)


So that’s it. No more Tennant.

Off he goes to America, burning up the TARDIS as he goes and leaving us Nu-Whovians with nothing more than the box-sets to keep us company. Perhaps we will warm to Eleven, the young Matt Smith, but for now, let us mourn the passing of Ten in sombre silence. Or a few-hundred-word blog post since silence doesn’t come across all that well on the internet.

When Russell T Davies gave Doctor Who an unexpected breath of life a few years back, Christopher Eccleston was an undeniably brilliant, grumpy, Doctor, and he deserves praise and kudos for making sure the show didn’t disappear as quickly as it had regenerated. But the fact is, old Chris never really bought into the whole Doctor Who ‘phenomenon’; clearly anxious to avoid stereotyping, he was always going to leave after one series.

David Tennant, on the other hand – importantly a fully paid-up Whovian himself since the age of five – took on the role completely willing to be the Doctor as much off-set as in front of the camera. He has been an ambassador for the show, its greatest defender and, above all, has remained a fan throughout. Despite leaving the programme in dramatic and heartbreaking style, David Tennant is still the Doctor, always will be, and seems rather happy about it.

And what a Doctor. After just one series he was voted the best Doctor of all time, and while that might be attributed to short memories, I have little doubt that he will remain a real favourite because he appeals to so many people for so many different reasons. Kids love Tennant’s Doctor because he is one of them; he’s a big, OTT, bundle of energy who is attracted to danger and has a real love of life. Adults love Tennant’s Doctor because, despite all of that, he is also very much a ‘lonely angel’ who is deeply sad and on the edge of being something rather hideous (of which we saw glimpses in The Runaway Bride and The Waters Of Mars). And, of course, there is the fact that this particular Doctor is rather attractive…

What about Ten’s greatest moments, then? Well, he got off to a bombastic start in The Christmas Invasion (his introductory speech in which he starts quoting The Lion King is just brilliant), he displayed his softer, more sincere side in The Girl In The Fireplace and his unique chemistry with Donna was never better than in the wonderful Fires Of Pompeii. But the moment that will define DT’s tenure for me, will be that look of utter desolation when the Doctor realises he has lost his beloved Rose in Doomsday…

As for the final two-parter, he certainly got quite a send-off. One hour of gun-toting battles with the Master(s) and the corrupted Time Lords, and fifteen minutes of quiet, heart-breaking goodbyes. Sure it was over the top, but seriously, did we seriously expect the greatest Doctor to go quietly? He’s the most ‘human’ Doctor there has ever been – touched by real love and constant loss – and he faced death in a very human way: ‘I don’t want to go’.

Just like the the Noble Wilf, David Tennant, Tenth Doctor, we salute you. Allons-y!


chatterbox said...

Thanks for this review, which captures pretty much how I felt about it. It was a great send off for a great doctor, overblown and sentimental where RTD could get away with it, but also quietly true and moving. (The surprise bit - you know what I mean - was absolutely brilliant!). I'm looking forward to whatever DT gets up to next (although is it wrong to quietly hope we don't lose him to the US?) and I also think that Matt Smith will be great as the 11th Doctor, although a bit too young for me to lust after (even secretly!). Perhaps that is a good thing.

rashbre said...

Yes, I enjoyed the send off too, and the little 'behind the scenes' show after the main episode.

I'd forgotten it was all on when I left for Switzerland before Christmas and luckily used the iPhone Sky remote to record the first part and then watched part 2 live, when I was back.

I'm not usually so 'fan-like' so this caught me by surprise.

Anyway, a good conclusion for Tennant and a fitting intro for the next one.

And Happy New Year.

ps I'm sure those Tennant replacing Ross on Friday rumours must be wrong?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Great review - I finally got around to mine!

amayi23 said...

That was a really lovely review and I agree with each word of it!

DT will always be THE Doctor to me no matter who is currently hopping around the console room.

Hannah said...

I miss him already.

Really hoping that Smith will be to Tennant what Tennant was to Ecclestone - like a tiny step up on a ladder. Maybe he'll be better. You never know. Maybe.