Saturday, December 26, 2009

Doctor Who - The End Of Time Part I

Merry Christmas all you lovely people! Telly-wise it's all gone a bit sketch show (hit and miss) but I'll be good and save the round-up for a British Comedy Guide blog (I'll cross-post here, though anyone following me on Twitter will have got the general gist of my opinions on Ms Wood and the like, I think...!)

A very quick note on Doctor Who is required of course, though - the jewel in the Beeb's Christmas crown which has been complemented by appearences from DT on every show he can be shoe-horned into. Not that I'm complaining... The End Of Time Part I appeared to split Twitter down the middle - the initial reaction being of a 'well that was predictably disappointing, bah humbug' nature, while the supporters took a little more time to be brave and whisper 'yeah... but... that scene in the cafe!'

And here lies the dividing line, of course. What do you care about more; plot and sci-fi or character and performance? RTD pretends to care about the former but when it comes down to it, he couldn't give a monkeys and some viewers, understandably, have been consistently frustrated about those priorities. They don't want to see the Doctor crying about the fact that he's going to die soon and even if it was one of the most heartbreaking scenes nu-Who has produced, that doesn't mean they have to like it.

Lucky for me then, that my priorities happen to tally with RTD's. I share his love of putting emotions and relationships at the core of everything. I also share his love of the ridiculous - my knee-jerk reaction to seeing a million John Simms in dressing gowns, pencil skirts and the White House is to squeal with delight at the audacity of the whole thing, not to say 'here we go, now he's ripping off the Matrix, how LAME.' And so RTD dupes me everytime; tricks me into raving about something that is flawed because the elements that are flawed just don't matter to me as much as those which I think most people would agree RTD does very well.

As for this final DT story, you do have to wonder how all the guest stars are going to be crammed into the second part. And isn't there the whole first proper meeting between this Doctor and River Song to come? And the return of the Time Lords, DoctorDonna, and y'know, a regeneration? There's a lot to get through... and I can't wait.


Pookie said...

Ripping off "Being John Malkovich" surely?

GrumpyPig said...

Re-watching the Library episodes recently I kept noticing how River Song emphasised how young his *eyes* looked, and wondered if it a was a hint that she wasn't necessarily paying much attention to the rest of his physical appearance (hard as that may be to ignore for the rest of us!). May be a get-out for having her relationship with *this* incarnation, though it is grasping rather..