Sunday, October 04, 2009

Reasons to be cheerful - the Autumn schedules kicking in

Autumn - the telly addict's favourite season, and the schedules are just starting to fill up with the good stuff. Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and Peep Show got in nice and early, but it feels like this is the week that things really get going. So, this week I am mostly looking forward to...

BBC One, tonight 9pm: Emma. Of course there's no real reason to do another adaptation of Emma, but that's not to say it won't be any good. Romola Garai has always been a draw for me since her wonderful turn in I Capture The Castle, and it's written by Sandy Welch who also did the recent Jane Eyre... it's not going to be ground-breaking, but it's not going to be rubbish either.

BBC One, Monday 10.35pm: The Graham Norton Show. A lot of people - whose opinion I otherwise trust - really dislike Norton... but I genuinely think he's great. He's the reason the Lloyd Webber shows are saved from self-indulgence and his chat shows are usually a fun watch. It'll be interesting to see whether the move to BBC One means any changes have had to be made...

BBC Four, Tuesday 10pm: It's Only A Theory. Now, this new panel show might well suck, but it's a Hat Trick Production, meaning it's at least worth a look. Plus, one of the hosts is Andy Hamilton- who we must thank profusely for Outnumbered if nothing else - and he's joined by Reg D Hunter who seems to excel on panel shows.

More4, Wednesday 9pm: When Boris Met Dave. These irreverent 'politicians when they were younger' shows are often bad (ok, I'm just basing that on The Long Walk To Finchley) but this Toby Young-produced drama has the great benefit of starring Johnny Sweet. Sweet won Best Newcomer at this year's Edinburgh Comedy Awards, is part of the sketch group House Of Windsor with a few Inbetweeners and is - I suspect - perfectly cast in the role of Dave Cameron.

Channel 4, Wednesday 10pm: True Blood. I watch and love a hell of a lot of TV, and yet my knowledge of the big US drama shows of recent years pretty much begins and ends with Lost. Up until season 4. But this is something I aim to correct, and that starts with forcing myself to watch True Blood. I doubt I'll like it all that much hey.

BBC Four, Thursday 9pm: Micro Men. To my shame I've managed to miss most of the Electric Revolution season so far (including Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe, though I still have two days to catch up). I won't be missing this, however, a dramatisation of the battle between Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry to bring home computing to the masses. With Martin Freeman and Xaaahhhder Armstrong in the leads (that's for anyone who saw him and Ben Miller on Wossy) it's safe to say I'm looking forward to this.

BBC Two, Friday, 8pm: Autumnwatch. Yes, Autumnwatch is back. Who knew? I watched BBC Two every single night last week (Masterchef) and didn't see an advert... interesting. Slightly. Anyway, Chris Packham's 'maverick' approach should be annoying, but in fact, he makes this show a lot of fun, though I suspect something will be lost through moving away from the nightly shows.

Beyond that, Peep Show continues to be consistently entertaining, Have I Got News For You returns (Friday 16th), as do the brilliant Armstrong and Miller (straight after HIGNFY and *not* on Saturdays as originally planned, thank goodness), there's more Attenborough to enjoy in Life, and hey, Buzzcocks might be good on and off, depending who's at the helm. That's Autumn sorted, then.

PS. I opened this up to Twitter as I was bound to have forgotten something, and I was instantly reminded (by @JTLovell1979) of the return of the wonderful Harry Hill's TV Burp.... and now we've had votes for Merlin, the conclusion of Last Chance To See, Five's FlashForward, and Home Time, which I really do want to catch up on.


Dean said...

Spectrums were the best. I've quite enjoyed True Blood, but it's pretty relentlessly bleak.
Shame you gave up on Lost, just one season to go now!

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

Spectrums at home, Acorns at school; that's the rule :)

Paul 'Fuzz' Lowman said...

And a vote from me: "From the makers of The Wire..." US Marines In Iraq based drama action from Generation Kill, on right after True Blood I think.

We had BBC Computers at primary school. All I can remember about them is that there was a game we played on it called Granny's Garden, which was monumentally lame. I don't even think it was Good For The Time. Charles Babbage probably had better games on his 'difference engine'.

RigbyMel said...

So ... what did you think of 'True Blood' when you got around to watching it? (I thought I would hate it based on the advertising, but was sorely mistaken in the watching ...)

Oh, and long time no speak! How are Things?