Sunday, September 27, 2009

Speaking In Tongues - Duke of York's

When a cast comprises John Simm, Kerry Fox, Ian Hart and Lucy Cohu, you expect great acting, and that's precisely what you get with this production. S it is testament to the writer Andrew Bovell, that the star of this show is in fact the script, which cleverly - and with a challenging but ultimately satisfying complexity - links the lives and loves of the nine characters that these four strong actors portray.

The main themes of this play are betrayal and loss of trust, but rather than keeping that within the confines of one or two relationships, Bovell delves deeper and shows that deception not only affects the people directly involved, but also how they act in other, seemingly unrelated situations. From a starting point of just two couples, and two acts of infidelity, we see the repercussions ripple out further and further, in a rather tragic example of the six degrees of separation theory.

There are certainly a few laughs, and Simm in particular gets the chance to flex his comedic muscles, but these fade as time goes on, and at its heart this play is incredibly tense and, I think, quite pessimistic. As such, it's not a production you enjoy, but, as all aspects are so well done - not only the fine acting and script, but also the stark lighting, disconcerting sound and great use of back projections - it is certainly one to hugely admire.

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chatterbox said...

Sounds good - I'm going on Wednesday, and after loving Elling so much I've got everything crossed!