Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little catch up...

Over the last month I have:

- Recovered from the Edinburgh hangover and got back into the swing of work
- Seen two excellent bills of comedy both headlined by Mark Watson
- Where Watson was excellent, Freeze! (Tim Key and Tom Basden) ended on a dance, and Shooting Stars' Angelos Epithemiou was an unexpected highlight
- Started thinking about Christmas (lordy!)
- Enjoyed the Last Night of the Proms rather more than usual
- Eulogised over the wonderful piece of TV that is Lost Land of the Volcano
- Been confused, entertained and irritated by Derren Brown
- Seen my bridesmaid dress for big bro's wedding...

In the immediate future I will:

- See how Tim Minchin's Ready For This show has progressed over the last few months
- Be happy about Peep Show's return
- Be happy about Strictly's return
- Definitely see John Simm in Speaking In Tongues
- Try to see John Barrowman in La Cage Aux Folles
- Be thinking about how Doctor Who will 'end' a LOT
- Hopefully see Mitch Benn, Alun Cochrane and We Need Answers being filmed
- Try to blog more. Honest :)

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