Thursday, September 24, 2009

'Appy Anniversary Spaced - it's 10 years old!

Goodness. 10 years old. Like most comedy I claim to be a huge fan of, I came to Spaced rather late; only at the start of the second series. That I was 13 ten years ago might have been a reasonable excuse, if it weren't for the fact that by that point I was pretty well versed in a whole host of comedy and could have easily watched it from the start.....

But hey, better late than never, and now I have had ten years' worth of enjoyment thanks to those 15 episodes of near-perfection. I can quote along with my brother whenever it's stuck on, it kept me company when I was homesick at uni, and later was shared with the great friends I made there on cosy nights in.

In the ideas, and the delivery of those ideas, it is obvious that the cast and crew have gone the extra mile; no moment, scene or line deemed insignificant enough to be compromised on... y'know, I did a 'Why I Love' piece for TV Scoop a while ago, and I wrote it pretty well back then:

The two series follow this group of friends as they struggle to become Proper Grown Ups with pop culture as their only frame of reference. They save their dog from freelance vivisectionists, throw awful parties, have a Matrix-style fight with secret agents, fall out, make up, and punch an artist in the face. It's like a puzzle that you keep finding new pieces for, and never want to finish, it tells you life isn't like the movies and then ends a series with Tim and Daisy taking to the dancefloor, and you know what else? I've seen it a thousand times and it still makes me laugh.


Keris said...

God Anna, that you were 13 when Spaced started makes me feel REALLY old. But that aside, I love it too. If I could only take one DVD to a desert island, Spaced is the one I'd take.

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

Me too Keris.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Blimey - 10 years on eh?! And you were so young!! (But with taste, great taste!)

I still think that this is one of the shows most likely to bring a silly smile to my face. I can pretty much perfectly visualise a scene as soon as I think about it. It was perfectly formed in pretty much every way. The scene at the Job Centre ("The Phantom Menance?" "Yeeees..." "You didn't like it?" "Noooooo...") is just one of the very many that are fixed into my brain. Brilliant stuff.

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

That's such a great scene. But there are so many! A lot of my favourite conversations occur between Tim and Brian -

"Should I lose the waistcoat?"

"I think you should burn it. Cos if you lose it, you might find it again."