Sunday, June 14, 2009

Junior Ministers, 6 Day Riot and assorted others

There's not a whole lot going on in the mainstream music scene that particularly excites me at the moment, and as a result my non-comedy-gig-attendance has dropped dramatically of late.

It took a Minchin-connection to get me down to Stockwell for a Junior Ministers gig (he is old friends with one half of the duo, H Anthony) but I'm very glad I made the trip south of the river. H and t'other half t'duo - Jim - do Talking Head's-esque tunes that one clever journo described as "arty stuff with squelchy beats and dark oddball narrative." Spot on!

Also on the bill, and a real find, were 6 Day A Riot, a lovely six-piece with a double bass, trumpet, violin, guitar, along with the more usual guitar, drummer and vocalist... with a ukulele. A bit Guillemots, a bit Arcade Fire, and quite a lot Spinto Band, they're a lot of fun, and have a *very* talented lead singer in Tamara Schlesinger.

Canadian comic Pat Burtscher did a great ten minute set too, and Mr Minchin performed 'Perineum Millenium' - a dirty twist on TS Eliot, most of the references in which I'm not well-read enough to get - a long, long list of one-lines, 'Nothing Can Stop Us Now' (the love song with a sting in the tail), and the Notting Hill Billies' gorgeous 'Feel Like Going Home'. Not your usual set, so a delight to see.

Very good night.


Simone said...

That quote about Junior Ministers is indeed spot on.

I can like Perineum Millenium without understanding it right?

Lena said...

Anna, if you've time you could check out these guys!

It's my son's band Casino, who are doing fairly well in the local scene. There's a video on their profile of Waiting Up, too. I'd love to hear your opinion on them. My son's the drummer!

I guess, too, that it'll be more MJ than JM's hogging the headlines for the next few weeks!