Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Need Answers, BBC Four

Just a quick one to say I would be most pleased on the behalf of Mark Watson (thin, funny), Tim Key (Coward, funny) and Alex Horne (Wordwatcher, funny) if you'd all watch We Need Answers on BBC Four, this and next Thursday, and the one from last Thurs on iPlayer.

Having seen two of the episodes filmed, and as a fan of the very idea of putting a late-night Edinburgh Fringe quiz show on the telly (let alone the three hosts themselves), I'm probably not the person to judge how well it transfers to the small screen, but hey, I like it.

The first episode was about reading (ostensibly, to fit in with the Books season on BBC Four) and if you want to find out who's better at reading, men or women, watch the iPlayer episode and see Germaine Greer and Michael Rosen read some sentences while Alex "dangerously decreases the font size." 'Citing, huh?!


Dean said...

Somehow that passed me by, thanks for the heads up!

CaroP said...

Hilarious - really funny saw it last night, nearly fell off the sofa

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

Funny stuff, isn't it? Tim Key is possibly the quickest man on the planet (thinking-wise).