Thursday, August 21, 2008

My first ever article for the Guardian...

Yup, that's right, I write for the Guardian now. Ha! And, to answer Stu_N's point in the previous post on this topic, I have to admit it's a nice photo :D I'm doing tomorrow's previews as well, and the same two days again next week, and then every Friday in September. Beyond that... we'll have to see.

Watch this
Anna Lowman

Olympics 2008
From 6am, BBC1

It's scary to contemplate what percentage of our licence fee is being spent on the BBC's coverage of the Beijing Olympics at the expense of, well, everything else, but when the action is this good, it feels churlish to complain. Pretty much everything has been dazzling, from the sprints to the Greco-Roman wrestling. OK, especially that. Highlights of the 13th day of competition include the modern pentathlon and the sadly Liu Xiang-less 110m hurdles final.

9pm, BBC1

Professor Robert Winston is the go-to guy for all things medical on television, so it's no surprise to see him presenting this new three-part series on pioneering doctors and surgical techniques. This fascinating first episode focuses on robotic technology, and Winston is sceptical to say the least - his initial feeling is that robots in theatre, or on the ward, are "completely contrary to what medicine is all about". The research is impressive and it's all scrupulously even-handed, but that suspicious frown is never far away.

The Cup
9.30pm, BBC2

BBC2's often troubled quest to prove that Thursdays Are Inherently Funny continues with this, a strangely unnatural-looking mockumentary based on a kids' football team in Bolton, and one particularly monstrous football dad. The quest will, alas, have to continue, as apart from an all-too-brief appearance from the team's intense coach and a brilliantly sweary little girl, The Cup is a largely joyless affair filled with thoroughly dislikable people.

The Edinburgh Festival Show
11.20pm, BBC2

Last week's edition of the Culture Show's yearly jaunt to the Scottish capital included reports on the Tracey Emin retrospective and the Guardian critic-bashing (and brilliant) comedian Tim Minchin, proving that the programme's usual eclecticism is well suited to the chaos of the Fringe. Tonight, in the second of just three measly hours' worth of television dedicated to the world's largest arts festival, Lauren Laverne talks to Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk.


Scott Matthewman said...

Many congrats. Not jealous at all, really. :-)

I guess this means we won't ever be able to afford you again now you're swimming with the big boys and girls!

annawaits said...

Haha not at all! And thanks :D

Anonymous said...

The West End Whingers salute you. Particularly Phil, who likes a bit of telly.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

By all that is holy, my god gal you're going places!!!

This is such fantabulous news. Well done and sorry I hadn't been over recently to read your comedy reviews.

annawaits said...

No problem at all, and thanks! Thanks in a general way too - I honestly don't think I'd be doing this if you hadn't encouraged me with my blogging early on :) x

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