Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rose Tyler: Earth Defender

Can someone explain this to me, please? I'm sleepy and confused... (from

Rose Tyler: Earth Defender:
War Part 1 and Part 2
by Russell T Davies

The 2 Doctor Who telemovie scripts have been completed and centre around Rose Tyler, Earth Defender, trying to track down the Doctor who's caused some problems in the past, which are affecting the present. Billie Piper returns.


Anonymous said...

AFAIK it was considered as a spin-off series and abandoned, either because Rusty thought it was a spin-off too far, or Billie didn't want to do it. We got SJA instead. If you follow the link from the McCoy page you end up with an obviously-overcooked story from the Express based on some rumours that were floating around on the Gallifrey board.

Mind you, no details have been released about the specials, so you never know.

Stuart Ian Burns said...

That's the shape of it -- I think RTD mentioned it in his end of Season Three interview in Doctor Who magazine. He said it was commissioned and budgeted but that they realised that it would be a spin-off too far -- at the time he said he thought it would cheapen the close of Doomsday...

Persephone said...

So they decided to cheapen Doomsday more quickly, cheaply, and thoroughly with Journey's End? (Ooh, am I still so bitter?)