Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Irregular Update

Hello all!

What is it with real life getting in the way of blogging, eh? Most rude, I'd say. So here's one of my increasingly frequent apologies for being so absent, and a little catch up on what's going on in my life that you might be at all interested in.

1) In terms of work, the temping's going well, and I'm being given more and more responsibility and a wider range of things to do; from writing up dictated medical letters to basically running the office! I've found that I'm actually quite suited to office life, as you get to chose to do things in the order that you feel is most important - as the daughter of two teachers who don't have that sort of freedom, it's quite refreshing, actually. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank whoever invented the Post-It, and apologise to future generations for destroying the rainforests through my constant use of them.

2) TVScoop's going well - I interviewed Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton the other day, as the second series of their wonderful sitcom Outnumbered will be broadcast in September. Thankfully, it seems that this series will be given a weekly 9.30pm slot rather than being shown on consecutive days as before. I'm also excited about talking to a certain, rather brilliant actress in the Autumn who created one of comedy's greatest ever characters...

3) I cannot believe that it's Mercury Music Prize nomination time again! Incredible. Can't say I'm especially struck by this year's line-up, so I hope that my music guru Lisa can point me in the direction of a couple of great albums on there that I might have missed!

4) Dean and I are hoping to put together a podcast this week, thanks mostly to his technical know-how! So look out for that soon... Dean is also hoping to launch FringeBlogs in earnest this year, so hopefully we'll have more to tell you about that between now and August.

5) DAVID TENNANT IN HAMLET! I didn't even know I was going to the Press Night until I saw that fact on Lisa's blog, so I'm even more excited about this than I already was. Because everyone loves a bit of celeb-spotting, right?!

6) Me, my parents, Paul Fuzz and his partner Becca and (for half the week at least) one of my very best friends Sabina are all holing up in Edinburgh for the Fringe from the 10th to the 15th, and all really, really looking forward to it. Last year, we were so impressed by the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of the festival and the city as a whole, and so know that while there might be a bit of rushing about between venues, it will be a *proper* holiday. This will also be helped by the fact that, as we're in an apartment, we won't have to get up for breakfast...! Tim Minchin, David O'Doherty, Mark Watson and the Amnesty Stand Up For Freedom are all on the list so far.

7) Conde Nast's Wired Magazine, which has been out in the US for years, and concentrates on how technology affects politics, culture, entertainment etc, is launching over here in 2009. Clearly, it's inhabiting a world that fascinates me, so I shot off an email to them this morning to ask about the possibility of working with them when I've completed my course....!

8) Check out a couple of the saddest cartoons in the world, and then have a look at this one to cheer yourselves back up:

9) Check out what Lisa will be blogging about soon.

10) Tell Marie that, yes, she should get that kick-ass hairstyle.

10, I feel, is a very satisfying place to end. So I will.


Dean said...

Ooh didn't know about Wired, been ages since there's been a good magazine to read on these shores (I still read a bunch of bad ones though!)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Hurrah for people who apologise about not blogging! Hurrah for us!

Glad that the work is going well - have to say though that I agree about post-its. I have about 4 pads of them on the go at any one time (because I am always losing them and they are all different sizes for those crucial variations in length of annotation!)

The TV Scoop stuff sounds VERY interesting: hmm... actress eh?

Re: the Mercury, I will add that to the list of posts awaiting!

Dean and anna on the Podcaset eh? Sounds like it should be fantastic!

I will gloss over how ENVIOUS I am of you going on Press Night to see Hamlet. Am resisting urge to be constantly squeeing about how excited I am -- and I don't go for months yet :(

Have a fabulous time in Edinburgh. That all appears glorious and I am sure that Tim will welcome you again!

Re: Wired... hmm. I am confused, as I was sure we used to buy that fairly regularly. Was it on import? Very confusing. But it IS good.

The sad cartoon is indeed sad, but not as tear inducing as the one that was linked in the comments.

Re: me - yikes! I best get onto writing some blogs!

And yes, I love the proposed hairdo for Marie (even though I think the long locks also suit her)

Right: responses done!

AnnaWaits said...

Heehee, loving the comprehensive responses there! :D

Marie said...

I didn't get the haircut. But I haven't ruled it out for the future. I prefer to have short hair in winter anyway, goes better with my winter clothes.

Also: my favourites on the Mercury list are Laura Marling and Rachel Unthank, that latter of which particularly I think is rather brilliant and not all that high profile, so very cool to see her on there.

Anonymous said...

I am, in fact, seeing Rachel Unthank tonight at the Rogues' Gallery concert at the Barbican.

Also Pete Doherty. But you can't have everything.