Wednesday, July 30, 2008

David O'Doherty does a blog

David O'Doherty NEVER does a blog!
Here's what the man has to say...


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I have a new thing. I've had new things before like trying to have better posture and not spending so much time looking at youtube, but this one is for reals. (I still spend too much time slouched over looking at youtube.)

Here is my new joke. (You will only get this if you are from Ireland/UK as it features a word you don't have in your countries. Sorry about that dudes.)

QU: What did Jay-Z say when his ice-cream van ran out of chocolate flakes?
Ans: I've got 99 problems.

I have a less good international version for all nations:

QU: What did Jay-Z say after he had fixed his bicycle puncture?
ANS: Well now I only have 98 problems.

Less good, I know.

Here is my new thing. I am going to be more organised. I tidied the bathroom this morning. I have just done washing. I feel so bloody productive. Later on I might grow some carrots or knit a jumper or invade a small country or make someone pregnant or something. WHO KNOWS

Well with this in mind I have decided to write a message about the things I'm doing for next while.

Tomorrow I am going to Edinburgh to take part in the Fringe. I am doing a show for grown-ups at 9 pm at The Stand on York Place called Let's Comedy. It's talking and songs on a tiny piano and you get to sit in a chair and I get to have lights pointed at me. I think it's pretty funny. I bet that sounds arrogant but I taped a preview the other night and listened back to it and it was pretty good. And that's coming from someone who usually hates comedy. It officially starts on Friday but there are megacheap previews Wednesday and Thursday. Here is a link about the show:

I've also written a show for children that I'm doing everyday at The Assembly Rooms at 2.20 pm. My friend Maeve Higgins and I are in two beds on stage and the audience is keeping us awake. That's basically the entire script. We've done some previews around Ireland over the summer and I think it might be more fun than anything else I've ever done. It says it's for 6 and up but you'll get it if you're a smart 4 year old. Also there are some jokes for grown ups in it. Here is a link about that:

I am doing a big UK tour in the Autumn so I will put up dates for that on here soon and I am in a feature film that is coming out soon called 'A Film With Me In It' with my brother Mark and Dylan Moran.

This is pretty much everything for the moment. Thank you very much for reading this far.


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