Sunday, June 29, 2008

Doctor Who - The Stolen Earth

C'mon guys, I *know* you can pretty much write this review for me, because I *know* you know what I thought. I loved it. Of course I did!

We've had Moffat's ridiculously clever plots and mythology-creating, we've even had RTD going a bit subtle on us, but now it's time for - take a breath - millions of Daleks, Harriet Jones former Prime Minister (yes we know who you are), UNIT, bizarre bee-based epiphanies, emotional manipulation, The Medusa Cascade, a hysterical Dalek Caan, Jack being understandably scared, Donna being impressed by Jack, the Doctor's phone number, funny Ianto, brave Gwen, The Shadow Proclamation, Martha AND Freema being bloody awful, Martha's mum, Davros, "death for the most faithful companion", a possible regeneration, and Rose with a big-ass gun.

Time for everything, in other words. It was the best Bombastic-Who since The Parting Of The Ways, and I sat there with a big, dumb smile on my face (until the last few minutes when I was crying, obviously), lapping up, unquestioning, everything that RTD was throwing at me. You like Ianto making a little joke, right? Here you go! You kinda liked Harriet Jones and thought the Doctor was a little over-rigid in his morals, didn't you? Well, here she is being the hero. Want a big surprise at the end? Have one of those, too. Roll on next week.


Jane Henry said...

Couldn't agree more. Have seen it twice and it's still brilliant. What an ending!!!!! Squee squee!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

And how do you feel now...?

(Ducks for cover from the amount of thrown things I am expectng to wake up to...)