Thursday, May 08, 2008

A little catch-up

Oh Em Gee as the youngsters say, I haven't blogged in ages, have I? Unfortunately that pesky real life has been getting in the way again, but now I'm actually pretty settled and know where I'm headed so that's all good. Specifically, I'm headed towards a magazine journalism course in London in the Autumn, to my temping job everyday (half days to keep up the old TVScoop-age), and to the Fringe in the summer. With a sprinkling of Simon Amstell, the Nottingham Dot To Dot Festival, Tim Minchin and even Mr David Tennant in the meantime - and maybe the Boosh, depending whether they get their act (and more importantly, acts) together for their festival.

So there you have it. My TVScoop review of The Poison Sky is a little long and involved for here, but suffice to say the episode was fine - very good (and actually very funny) in places, with a couple of wholly unnecessary scenes and overall very Helen Raynor-on-a-good-day-ish. An improvement, then, but can we stop with the Raynor two-parters nonetheless?

The Apprentice continues to be rather wonderful, and a joy to write about every week. Last night's was amazing, and I'm very happy with my review.

Over in DeanLand, there's a review of a Daniel Kitson gig which y'all should enjoy.

Oh, and, well, I bought fetching hat today:Nice, huh?


Dean said...

Cheers for the plug!
Last nights Apprentice really was fun, thought last weeks was a bit weak.
I do wish Siralan would milk the double-firings a bit more though rather than telegraphing them a mile off. I still remember the first time Trump did it, everything played out as normal then "Sit back down." Also you think he'd have learned his lesson about identifying with the candidates by now given what happened the last time he hired someone on that basis.

I also thought the producers were being a bit evil in putting Lucinda and Sara on Lee's team after last week's bust-up but I guess they were just balencing out the french-speakers.

Also - I need more hats.

chatterbox said...

Very fetching hat indeed..

I thought Dr Who could have spent much more time on the monsters, and less on the clunky dialogue, but overall I did enjoy it. I really like Donna Noble, and although I didn't mind Martha, I feel a bit tired already at an old character coming back so quickly. The rehashing of old successes suggests that maybe the show is running out of steam. Or is that just me?

I watched The Apprentice from behind the sofa - I really am amazed that they managed to find so many awful, incompetent people.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Great GREAT hat!

Am off to read your TV Scoop review asap. (I still owe my review - gulp: bad week at work after a delay on seeing the ep are my excuses!)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

PS tried to comment at TV scoop and got fuddled by the comments process - is it more or has it got more complicated (not helped by it NEVER bloody recalls my personal info...!)

Dean said...

TV Scoop comments are useless! Basically by the time you've typed your comment (assuming it's longer than 10 words), the 'proove you're not a computer letters' that you have to type have changed server-side, but it doesn't refresh the image in the browser.
So whatever you enter, it thinks is wrong.

So you need to refresh the page before you type in the letters and submit the comment. Refreshing doesn't delete my comment or details in Firefox but it's probably best to copy it somewhere else just incase too.

AnnaWaits said...

I can't help with the captcha thing getting reset, but I will say don't worry if it seems that commenting has gone ok but then it looks like it hasn't published - it will do eventually :D