Monday, May 19, 2008

Doctor Who: The Unicorn and the Wasp

Look, you know me, and therefore you know I enjoyed this episode. Didn't *love* it - it's no Tooth And Claw or anything - but there was some fun dialogue, nicely farcical, and some great performances. I've read a few reviews which have said that THIS IS MEANT TO BE SCI-FI DAMMIT WHAT'S GOING ON I CAN'T COPE WAAAAAHHHHHH (or words to that effect), but hasn't Doctor Who *always* been more than sci-fi? One-off episodes like this are what makes it more than a niche show and turns it into something special and unique. Basically, you can read Marie's review to get an idea of how I felt about it!

On a related issue, Paul Fuzz has written a piece about critical responses to Doctor Who which should get us all talking :)

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chatterbox said...

I don't usually like the history episodes as much as the others, and this was no exception. Still, it was entertaining enough, particularly the scene with the Doctor wolfing down walnuts and anchovies. Who cares too much about the science bit as long as it makes sense within the story? I hate to point this out but it isn't real It's just a kids/family tv programme well written enough to have wider appeal.

Having said that, one of the reasons I like the history stories less is because I notice the anachronisms in a way I don't with the sciency (sp?) ones.