Saturday, April 05, 2008

Want to get involved with Mark Watson's next 24 hour show?

Here's what you need...

Hi all,

Welcome to Mark Watson and Friends take over the world!

In anticipation of the show, we're asking all our members to take note of a few tasks which will greatly increase our chances of the show not being an utter shambles:

1. Invite people to join in. We want an international network of collaborators. Especially interested in people in far-flung countries. Please get someone to sign up and get them to recruit someone else. The bigger our global team, the more remarkable our world-changing potential. Just send them the URL:

2. Send us information about what you're up to over the 24 hours. Doing anything interesting? Or even anything quite trivial? Give us a glimpse into your twenty-four hours as you join in ours. And send us pictures of things happening. We want to put up pictures of sunrises and sunsets in different parts of the world, for instance, and have blogs from keener participants. Email your info to

3. Prepare to compete in an Alternative Olympics. One thing we're going to be doing is staging our own tiny version of the Olympics. Each hour we'll have an event which might be 'Spinning A Coin', 'Building A Big Tower', etc. People in Melbourne will have a go, but we'll also throw it open to people around the world, to see who can send in the best video or photos of their efforts.

4. Prepare to perform other tasks. We'll be asking for people to carry out all manner of work in the interests of our non-violent takeover of the world. We won't know what most of it is until the show is actually underway but we need willing souls who are poised by their computers.

5. Set yourself a 24-hour challenge of your own. I'm making a special appeal for people to tackle their own 24-hour-long endurance tasks, to show solidarity. For example, one year, a man called Wayne famously gave out flyers for the whole 24 hours, and in another previous show, an audience member travelled from Edinburgh to France and back again. There's no need to do anything as extreme as this, but can you make some sort of vow for the 24 hours which we can monitor your progress with?

6. Take part in any other way you want. This show will largely be an exercise in chaos, as always. Anything you fancy doing to add to that chaos will most likely be worthwhile.

Before too long, the web site will be updated to include a place called "Tasks" where you can submit all the text, photos and videos of you completing a task.

It's simple, fun, and a great way to scramble your way to the top of the coming One-World Government.

Stay in Touch

There are some new ways to keep in touch with Mark during the show.


By subscribing to Twitter, you can receive information about new tasks and missions direct to your email, mobile phone, or instant messenger, wherever you are.

First, head to and click "Join" (or sign in if you already have an account). You can change your settings to receive messages wherever you are.

Then click the link below and subscribe.

Live Streaming

During the event (2008-04-06 11:59pm AEST - 2008-04-07 11: 59pm AEST), you can watch the show LIVE from multiple camera angles at


I never thought I'd refer to email as "the old fashioned way", but there you go.

Thanks again for joining our movement. We look forward to charming the world into doing our bidding.


Mark Watson and Friends

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