Monday, March 10, 2008

The Sugar Puffs Crimp...

Can Noel and Julian sue?!!

It makes me feel ill......

EDIT: Haha, this post is now the number one Google result for the search terms 'sugar puff crimp'! And 90% of my referrals over the last few days have been people searching for it! Touched a nerve, obviously.... :)


Dean said...

"It makes me feel ill...... "

So does eating Sugar Puffs I find so on that basis it's a great advert!

Matt_c said...

The guy also appears to be the 'Fate' character in the posters.

But yeah... tribute or rip-off? You deh-cide!!

Electric Dragon said...

Further reading.

Though of course, I should point out (using my vast knowledge of intellectual property law acquired by reading some law blogs occasionally) that it is difficult to sue for copyright on the basis of "a style of singing or speaking". Advertising agencies are usually more subtle about the sources they rip off: for example 'Cog' bears a distinct resemblance to 'The Way Things Go', and Guinness got sued over one advert that was too close to an existing short film. Guinness won the case, because the judge ruled that it was merely the idea that was copied rather than the actual expression of the idea.

Copyright only protects the specific expression of an idea, not the general idea itself. If I wrote a book about a boy who went to wizard school, I could not be sued by JK Rowling. But if I lifted whole sections of Harry Potter and the Whatsit of Whosamaflip and merely changed the character names, JK's attack lawyers would be on my back like a shot.

The court of public opinion is somewhat different of course - Sugar Puffs were boycotted by some Sunderland fans after an advertising campaign involving Newcastle Utd manager Kevin Keegan (during his first stint in charge).