Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'd Do Anything - the Oliver washout

The BBC have found themselves lodged between a rock and a rather hard place when it comes to I'd Do Anything's hunt for three Olivers. They're fine with the Nancys, that search is happening in the same - very successful - format as Maria and Joseph, but when it comes to Oliver, they're just not willing to look like they're exploiting young boys' tears for teatime entertainment. So that side of the competition has been complete neutered, to be honest. Maybe that'll change once the live shows start, but I've heard that they're just doing group performances, and the viewing audience certainly don't get a say. All seems a bit pointless to be honest; like they hadn't really thought this one through. They're being honourable, that's for sure, but it's not great TV.

Anyway, they should be looking for a Jesus, a Judas and a Mary Magdelene. Jesus Christ Superstar is ripe for a revival - such songs, such singing, such.... prog. C'mon Webber, give the people what they want!


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Two (semi) random points:
1) was the little kid at the start of the trailer advertising "I'd Do Anything" actually John Bell who played Creet in 'Utopia'?

2) Can I just say you look bloody wonderful and tres grown up in your side-bar picture?

AnnaWaits said...

1) Yes! I believe so.
2) Yes you can :) Thanks!