Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wolf People + Karl Culley

I went to York's CityScreen Basement Bar last night to see a band that Mr Fuzz has been raving about for some time now - Wolf People. They're a bit rhythm and blues, a bit prog, a bit rock and roll, and a lot jazz flute. And they really are awesome musicians. You want 12-minute wig-out sessions? You got 'em, mister! Check out their myspace.

First support was acoustic/folk singer-songwriter Karl Culley, and man can this guy play guitar. At times it looked more like he was playing piano. Ridiculous. He's a little reminiscent of Nick Drake, I guess, but there are probably more aposite references which I'm just not aware of. Anyway, he's innovative, and massively talented. You must take a look at his myspace too, of course.

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