Saturday, February 16, 2008

So I've sucked recently...

Sorry bout that :)

Me and mum went to London last week, and got Hairspray tickets by simply turning up on the day and claiming a couple of the £20 tickets that they hold back for... well, people like us, I guess. It meant we had top-rate, £60 tickets for a third of their price, slap bang in the middle of the stalls. Nice. Hairspray has got a load of nominations in the current round of theatre awards, and on one had I can see why. It's loads of fun, looks amazing, and has some fantastic performances in Leanne Jones and Michael Ball - looking fab in drag! But, despite a major element of the show being about Tracy leading a demonstration against segregation on television, it still feels as light as a bubble. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and you come out humming the songs, certainly, but it tells that I would have been loath to spend anything *more* than the twenty quid we did.

Next day, we met up with lovely Carolyn, ate at The Long Acre (always somewhere to sit, despite being a minute from Leicester Square, and you get Smarties with your hot drinks!), and headed off to see The History Boys. Everyone agrees that this is a triumph, and I'm not going to disagree. It's funny, smart, and when you're parents are teachers, it resonates, of course, that little bit more. It's all about the struggle between teaching to inspire and enrich, and teaching to get you somewhere - through an exam, into Oxbridge, onto the job market. Unsurprisingly, it is suggested that teaching to exams alone is stifling and short-sighted, but it doesn't over-romanticise the other approach, either. It's thoughtful, as all things written by Alan Bennett are, but the main thing is that it's hilarious.

What else happened...? Things bought:
The new Dylan Best Of
The new Robots In Disguise album, We're In The Music Biz
and a rather lovely cream belted mac from Zara

So that's London wrapped up. I'm going to see The Grouch (a re-telling of The Misanthrope) for MusicOMH this Wednesday, so there'll be a review of that coming up, and later there's Rhod Gilbert (in Donny!) to tell you about.

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