Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paul Fuzz on Life In Cold Blood

Snakes are shit. God knew it, Rudyard Kipling knew it, Samuel L Jackson knows it.

Ha! Read more of Paul's response to The Snakes Episode here...

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Paul 'Fuzz' Lowman said...

Cheers Anna! Yeah...I mean, fascinating stuff and everything, but REALLY - snakes 'bite', ha ha. In fairness, the point of the show wasn't "Snake Are Good", but there was a particular angle, ie "Here's why you all should give snakes a break," but actually I was never convinced that we should give 'em a break, 'cos they're just brutal, merciless, cruel sorta animals with no redeeming features, save their 'beauty', which, lets me fair, isn't really 'beauty' on a peacock / nice butterfly / lion cub / level, is it? They SPIT VENOM AT YOUR EYES.

Check this story: a lad at work told me that this woman he knew had a pet snake, an anaconda, and after a few months she let it out of it's cage to roam about freely in the house, and then after a while it started to sleep next to her every night, just lay there totally still every night, top to bottom of the bed, and this woman started to think that maybe her snake was sick or something, so she took it to the vet, and get this: the vet said the snake wasn't sick, it was MEASURING THE WOMAN SO IT COULD ALTER IT'S JAW IN ORDER TO EAT HER. That's snakes for ya.

(How disturbing is every element of that story? Don't let mum read it!)