Monday, January 28, 2008

Things I am going to see...

*Few more added!

Wed 6th Feb: Something in the West End... Spamalot, maybe?
Thurs 7th Feb: The History Boys, West End
Wed 20th Feb: The Grouch, Leeds West Yorkshire Playhouse
Sun 2nd Mar: Rhod Gilbert, Doncaster Civic Theatre
Wed 12th Mar: God Of Carnage, West End
Sat 22nd Mar: Eels, Sheffield City Hall
Sat 21th Jul: Elton John, Doncaster Keepmoat Stadium
Mon 4th Aug: Hamlet (with DT), Royal Shakespeare Theatre
Sun 10th-Fri 15th Aug: Edinburgh Fringe!
Tues 23rd Sept: The Mighty Boosh, York Grand Opera

Yay :)


Dean said...

Ooh, hope you like Josie Long. Rhod Gilbert is awesome too, I think my friend Lloyd is still supporting him on tour, he was a student at the same time as me at Warwick and compered pretty much every gig I ran there, and is very very funny...

Dean said...

And I never got around to seeing Spamalot... it was something I really wanted to see then Tim Curry stopped being in it and I stopped caring less. I don't have Boosh tickets yet either. In fact the only things I have booked are two James gigs, but hopefully I'll add in Glasto, Guilfest and Edinburgh. Also, like everyone else, you should go to Glastonbury :D

AnnaWaits said...

Yeah I should... and I'm pretty sure I'll like Josie Long :)

Rosby said...

I would kill for a year like that! You're going to have a fantastic time.

(Actually, I do have John Barrowman, Dara O'Briain, David Tennant, and possibly Simon Amstell, lined up. Hurrah for the theatre!)

AnnaWaits said...

That sounds good to me! And yeah, defintitely go see Amstell - if he does his Fringe show it's *amazing*. I might have to go see it again :)

Dean said...

Well I just booked tickets for Amstell on your reccommendation :D Well that and 3 seasons of Never Mind The Buzzcocks anyways!

AnnaWaits said...

Hope you're not disappointed! Don't think you will be :)