Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger

Terribly sad, and rather shocking news. I was 15 when 10 Things I Hate About You came out - ie the perfect age - and I just thought that Patrick Verona was pretty much the coolest character I'd ever come across. A Knight's Tale is still a favourite of mine, too - such great, fun performances from Ledger and Paul Bettany. And while I've yet to see Brokeback Mountain, there's no doubting Ledger's bravery, and passion for film in taking on that role. Such a waste of a talent, and just a young life.


halfpintmonkey said...

Oh, you must!
Some just don't get the film, think it's all about man-loving and that nothing happens in it. They are sadly mistaken. Though it's a slow moving film, the pace serves a purpose. It's a film about a life not lived and about the tradegy of regret. It has almost no expressed emotions throughout, shuffling lazily towards the end. Oh, but when it gets there the climax and the emotional pay off is overwhelming. It took my breath away.

I loved "a knight's tale" and "10 things..." and loved Ledger in them.
His performance in Brokeback was probably his best, an actual work of genius. Such intelligent choices, such subtlty, such sensitivty.
Shit, I'm welling up again.

As most, I too am looking forward to seeing his work as the Joker in "the dark knight", and dreading it at the same time...
Such a sad loss.

AnnaWaits said...

I will definitely watch it soon, don't worry :) And yes, I'm really looking to his role in Batman too, but as you say it might be a difficult watch now.