Monday, January 14, 2008

Green Wing

I felt that I should give this another go, seeing as though everyone says I should love it, and moreover I'm rather well-disposed towards a certain member of its cast at the moment.

I've watched two episodes so far, courtesy of 4OD, and I there are things about it that I really like - namely Tamsin Greig (and that is a big admission for me - I still think she's rubbish in Black Books but then that's totally overrated anyway... I digress), Stephen Mangan and Julian Rhind-Tutt (the latter to take a role as a certain Doctor, by the way...? I digress again). I absolutely adore the banter between the those two, and I'm genuinely intrigued in the soapy aspect of the show in terms of who Caroline will end up with - I'm guessing that *some* good features come out in Guy eventually....? And that Mac's innate smugness becomes progressively annoying...?

But I'm afraid the I'M LARGER THAN LIFE characters just leave me cold - Joanna, Alan, Sue, I genuinely dislike them. Not as characters because they can barely be called characters, just in terms of what they are. And this leaves me in a predicament, because I feel that by disliking this element of Green Wing I'm disliking what it actually *is* - what makes it different. I can't watch it by fast-forwarding to the bits with the love triangle, can I? And I hear that Caroline has to fight Sue for Mac's affections. SUE?? She's not even a real person! Her and Mac inhabit completely different worlds to me.

And this is my problem: fundamentally, I don't like Green Wing. I like one element of Green Wing and annoyingly that one element is the central plot... meaning I've got to keep watching.

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