Monday, December 17, 2007

BBC Christmas Idents 1980-2006

Wow, huge credit to bdavebaldwin for putting together these videos. You'll be surprised at how many you remember, and saddened that this year's aren't nearly so inventive as a lot of these.... I love the one where kids dressed as snowflakes are lowered from the ceiling - they're meant to look they then run around with the other snowflakes, but can't because of the harness so just flail their arms around. It's brilliant! (keep your eye on the middle one, part two, 5 mins 47 secs).

Part 1: 1980-1993

Part 2: 1994-2006


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Is it just the soundtrack or was there an AWFUL lot of "god save the queen" played over indents of Xmas's past?!

AnnaWaits said...

I think it used to be played at the end of programmes in the wee hours :)

Marie said...

I was relieved when it all stopped spinning.