Friday, November 16, 2007

The Mighty Boosh - Eels

I've reviewed it over at TVscoop but I can be more of a fan here :)

Well, the Boosh used to be such a nice little show, didn't it? Full of pandas and polar bears and sombreros and Bob Fossil dancing for far too long to Dreadlock Holiday. Not any more. Now there's scary cockney dancing women with eels for tongues. What happened, eh?

I don't about you but I found this episode genuinely freaky. So dark, so League Of Gentlemen. And while I can't say I wholeheartedly approve, I've got to applaud them for coming up with something that left me - a fan who knows the weird things Noel and Julian can come up with - sitting there open-mouthed. Seeing the Hitcher banging tunelessly on the piano shouting "EELS!" at irregular intervals... well, it's not an image that leaves you in a hurry, that's for sure.

Other things... well the Shaman council were wasted really. In Nanageddon, when they were introduced, they produced that rarest of things - a Boosh scene with no Vince, Howard or Bob Fossil that was laugh-out-loud funny. They were, perhaps, meant to be the light relief after the darkness of the Hitcher, but I'd like to have seen them used as more than that.

Good things... Noel and Julian. If you can show me two more natural comedy performers then... well I'll be very surprised. When they're riffing - which they were given much more leave to do in this episode than they were for most of the second series - something magical happens, and while this episode was, admittedly, a bit messy, that's something that's always a banker.

Not a classic then, but I think we've explored another little nook of the combined Barratt/Fielding mind. I've heard that next week's is an instant favourite, incidently.

While you're waiting, you should check Noel, Julian and Bollo/Dave in Jo Whiley's Live Lounge...

P.S. My TVScoop 'Why I Love... The Mighty Boosh' post (one of the pieces of writing I'm most proud of) is linked to in Anna Pickard's cool Guardian blog about whether it's ok to be ambivalent about the Boosh...


Halfpintmonkey said...

Heya, Anna!
Finally, you've seen it!
I totally agree with your review, especially about the board of Samans arc... BUT, as problematic and uneven as this episode was it does hold some deeper meanings that other, clearly better episodes such as milky Joe or the next ep, do not.
Ican give you a well educated queer reading of that ep. And it's not all in my mind... Honest.

AnnaWaits said...

Yes, I held out til I could watch it on a proper telly... Deeper meanings eh? Let me have 'em :D

Halfpintmonkey said...

Ans os, Anna waits...