Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The question of our time...

I don't know about everyone else (but I can guess) but I am LOVING Marie's public blog. Why? Because she talks about Strictly and Neighbours! Quite honestly two of the most enjoyable shows on TV at the moment. But a comments-discussion about where Will (Oliver's brother - and we're talking Neighbours, not Strictly just to be clear) has got to reminded me to ask something that I've been meaning to pose for a while.

What the hell happened to Connor?

First he was off around the world (or Australia... I don't remember) then he turned up in Ramsay Street and was confronted by whichever Robinson twin was crazy, and then it was hinted he was buried in the front garden. (As in because of the crazy Robinson twin). But if that *is* the case, then why does no-one care? Even if that's *not* the case, Toady and people don't *know* that's not the case, so they *should* care.

I say again, then. What the hell happened to Connor?!


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I spoke to a student yesterday and had intended to call at 2pm. I called at 2.15pm much to their relief as they had been watching Neighbours. Thanks to Marie's blog I could casually drop in the conversation "so what happened about the crash?" and get kudos points for keeping up with popular Kultur!

Marie said...

I have been scouring the opening credits and they flash by superfast, but Ringo could be toast. Here's hoping.

Meanwhile as you know I've answered it chez moi, but apparently Connor is alive and well in China. Can we assume the actor quit at very short notice?