Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Labyrinth-era Bowie visits Brett...

Just in case you missed last night's Flight Of The Conchords. That's a pretty good impression from Jermaine, I reckon!

By the way, did anyone watch Rob Newman's History Of The World Backwards which followed FOTC on BBC Four? Very much a one-joke pony... as it were. The idea of history flowing backwards but time flowing forwards (ie if you're born in 2000 you might die in 1920, but you don't go from death to birth) is interesting but once you've got the concept there's not much else to hold your interest. Like jokes. I liked the idea of computer workers marching from London to Harrow with placards saying "Will web-design for food" but that was the only thing that raised a smile. Pretty disappointing really.


Scott said...

I was not impressed. I reviewed it on my blog earlier today.

Flight of the conchords, however, remains superb.


stu-n said...

Rob Newman's always been much less funny and clever than he thinks he is.