Monday, September 03, 2007

Yes! RTD wants next series to be more fun!

The story's from here, but I got it here, naturally.

So old RTD has listened to me, eh?! Fun...ness is exactly what series 3 was lacking, and as I said as the time, that's because the Doctor suddenly disappeared from view, (John Smith, Blink, bizarre house-elf) just as the writing picked up. RTD points particularly to the last three episodes, which struck me as strange at first, but I guess they would have been totally fun-less without The Master.

So, it's time for fun. You know what that means, don't you - bring back the Slitheen! Haha, ok, that's going a bit far, but let's have our fun Doctor back at least - I mean, that's what DT does best, right? Donna will bring him back to himself, you mark my words, doubters. ;)


Anonymous said...

i don't think that's right at all. i thought the final three episodes were completely outrageous--who'd have thought that Who would feature a lady in red dancing the tarantella to "The Sound of Drums", and those episodes were well set up by little foreshadowings in the previous ones (shades of Thomas Hardy).
Blink was nicely spooky, with just the right touch of Doctor, and interesting implications (including some for the final 3 episodes).

(Honestly. If i wanted gloom and doom i'd go to gallifreyone.)

as to Davies' own comments: perhaps he's being as disingenuous as he was when he said he'd never bring The Master back (and i agreed with his rationale -- then -- but given what they did with it, well, who could complain).

If he wants a series that lacks lightness of touch, though, he might look to Torchwood.
still, now that captain jack has got his sense of humour back, and martha to boot, perhaps that will pick up a bit.

Marie said...

Oh god, this bodes ill. I agree that I miss the Doctor being fun, but not sure RTD and I are on the same page as to what defines "fun". The most "fun" episodes of the last series were probably the Manhattan Dalek ones and the most "dark" ones will have been the Family of Blood two-parter and the Master stuff. I'll keep dark, thanks (even if I did find Master part 3 to be a stinkeroo)...