Monday, August 27, 2007

Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! does Judy! Judy! Judy!

It was on TV last night - or a heavily cut down version at least (there was no Martha for a start, though I know she performed Stormy Weather). And it was absolutely wonderful. Once again, I simply have to come back to his ridiculous voice. It's so nasally that it really shouldn't work, in fact it should be rather horrible, but instead it's astonishingly beautiful. And it's *so* unique that he totally owns these songs, depsite the fact that many are so inextricably linked with Judy Garland herself. Indeed, such is Rufus's own propensity to write songs that would sit well in a Broadway musical, that many feel like they could literally be penned by him. The slower songs show off the range of his voice, but for me, he's a showman, and as such he's at his best with show tunes. For me, the only song he doesn't quite seem up to is - surprise - Somewhere Over The Rainbow. But somehow, that feels right - it's Judy's song, and while he just has to sing it, it seems fitting that her genius should remain untouchable when it comes to that particular signature tune.

But you have to think - who else could pull off this show? Who could take a classic live album, re-create it, and make it neither tacky nor pastiche, but a really special show in its own right, as well as a great homage, and a love letter to a stunning performer. No-one I can think of. Rufus dances and laughs and tells anecdotes, lets his voice soar and his face show every single emotion. Like Judy, he's one in a billion.

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