Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Outnumbered and its five-year-old genius

Ok, so Outnumbered wasn't *amazing* but there were some great lines, and the kids were interesting - the oldest was 21st century incarnate (tech savvy, perceptive and lazy) and the middle child was a pathalogical liar.

But the youngest, Karen, was pure genius. Or, I guess, her real-life alter-ego Ramona Marquez was, seeing as though the kids were basically improvising all the way through. Honestly, you have to see this girl. My favourite bit was when she was discussing what pet she'd like. After nit, giraffe and lion were all turned down she pondered a little longer: "Could I have......................... a puffin?" She said it in that matter-of-fact way that all five-year-olds utter the ridiculous and it made me laugh out, along with everyone I was watching it with.

If they're paying her anything at all, they should double it. Triple it.

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