Monday, August 06, 2007

Off to the Fringe...

Yay! I'm pretty excited. The last time I went to Edinburgh I was about 10 (it could be anything between 7 and 13, I really don't know...) and it was just for a day while we were actually staying in North Berwick. We saw a comedy covers band who introduced me to Jimi Hendrix... good memories.

Courtesy of lovely parents, we're staying in good accommodation, pretty near the centre, and have a few things already booked - Frankie Boyle, David O'Doherty, Dickens Unplugged (by Reduced Shakespeare head honcho Adam Long), Simon Amstell and TONY! The Blair Musical, by a group from my (old) uni. That's got Ed Duncan Smith playing his dad, and therefore *much* better than the other Blair musical playing there...!

Right, I'm sure it's all free wi-fi and stuff up there so I'll try and get some reviews up - both here and at Dean's cute little baby, FringeBlogs. Anyone can sign up, or send reviews by email, and as such is a fantastic idea:

For years now, the concept of what’s ‘good’ and what isn’t at the Edinburgh Fringe has been dominated by the big newspapers and websites, with critical opinion being formed by just a few loud voices. Meanwhile hundreds of small, independent bloggers post their reviews and thoughts on show and the Fringe experience to thier own blogs, but go unheard by the majority of attendees that won’t dig that deep for information on Fringe productions.

Perfick. So au revoir dudes, speak soon.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

have a VERY cool time!

Joshua said...

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Dean said...

Thanks for the plug Anna, cya up in Edinburgh! (I leave tommorow, hurrah!)

AnnaWaits said...

No proba Dean, safe journey.

Joshua: yeeesss.

rashbre said...

envy. rashbre central was there last year although mist was posted on Christina's site. We had a play, actually, about Warhol, at the Bongo Club and loved every minute.

Checkout the reports from last year or if you feel brave we have some video too (some scrolling of the archive required).


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