Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Edinburgh Bloggy Blog

I've gone a bit Guardian on your asses for a while, so here's the proper bloggy blog.

So me and my parents decided we'd stop off at a b+b near Alnwick on the way up to Edinburgh, so that we could take in a bit of sea air before the bustle of the Fringe. It was a good idea - just a shame that the place we chose was thoroughly odd (in both a good and bad way). It was literally just off the A1, with nothing else around, and had a chair on the roof... It seemed to be an ex- or current architectural salvage yard, with huge piles of wood around, but the little courtyard where the rooms were was really pretty. So we just wandered into a room that looked the most communal, and waited until a lady noticed us. She showed us to our room ("oh, I've put you in the old dairy shed") and pushed the door open. "You can't lock it from the outside" she said, cheerily, "but there's a catch on the inside!" Off she went. She'd already told us on the phone that there was no electricity in the bathroom - a couple of lovely candles though - but there didn't seem to be any electricity in the main room either. Or a tv. No tv! What kind of hell-hole is this?

Haha, it wasn't a hell-hole at all. Just quirky. And, you know, not finished yet. It made our B+B in Edinburgh look like an absolute palace, though.

So the first night in Edinburgh was Frankie Boyle and David O'Doherty, both at Assembly @ George Street. It's a fantastically well-oiled machine at this venue, cheery aspiring actors in red t-shirts all over the place, telling you where to go and what to do. You feel totally at ease. In fact, Edinburgh as a whole puts you at ease. It's absolutely beautiful, and everyone we encountered - bus drivers, the B+B staff, shop assistants - were really helpful and good-natured. Are they on their best behaviour for the Fringe, or is this what it's like all year round? We also felt rather good as we'd already seen Sean Lock and Rich Hall wandering about, which was pretty cool.

I met Dean after the David O'Doherty gig (shout out) which was really great, but unfortunately circumstance meant we couldn't meet up again... same time next year, dude?! Also great to speak to DOD, of course, but he had to rush off to a Mark Watson-MC'd quiz somewhere or other, so it was brief, though lovely.

The Simon Amstell gig was over in the old town, in the Pleasance Courtyard. I don't know if they schedule gigs this way on purpose, but there seemed to be a much younger demographic over there than at Assembly. It's got a fantastic atmosphere - you could just hang around without going to any shows and still have fun.

Erm anything else... basically, it's a stunning city, filled with apparently lovely people all just looking for a laid-back, fun time. And I'll be back next year. :)


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

These have been great posts and I love your tale of the b&b at Alnwick!

Dean said...

DOD won the quiz btw :)

AnnaWaits said...

Haha fabulous - I said he'd be fine, what with all those Facts he's got at his fingertips!