Monday, July 16, 2007

The TVScoop Boosh-Off

Mof hates it.
I love it.

Who wins? You decide!


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Go Anna!

Dean said...

It's a weird one. I mean I like The Boosh, I own both series on DVD, I went to see stage show, I've heard a lot of the raido show and I enjoyed them all.

But I really don't see it as the saviour of modern comedy and the cream of the UK comedy crop. I guess your piece touches on that somewhat, in that the heart of it isn't really brilliant or new: it's just good. Because when you strip out all the surrealism you're left with the basic relationship which has been done before, and will be done again.

And I think when the show plays to this strength, with scenes of just the two chatting, it's at it's funniest. And when it throws in a ton of utterly ridiculous stuff to get laughs from the weirdness, and in doing so over-shadows that simple interaction, it's at it's worst.

I'd also agree that it does tend to lack any laugh-out-loud moments. I tend to watch it with permanent grin than in convulsions. Not necessarily a bad thing (the sort of things that genuinely fire off our laughter receptors are really just one style of humour) but I can understand the critcism. I guess Paul's comment also picked up that a little: the show isn't even really a comedy in the traditional mould, but in out society as it is, we have to pidgeon hole things into one genre or another. And comedies are judged, rightly or not, on whether they make you laugh, rather than whether they entertain you. And because the Boosh doesn't actually have much in terms of actual jokes (setup, punchline style) it suffers in the eyes of many critics, who find themselves too busy creating a list of 'reasons why it isn't funny' to actually pay attention to if it's any good or not.

(anyone that likes The Boosh should check out Flight of the Conchords by the way, you can watch a full episode at and it's very simmilar)

Anonymous said...

Loved your review Anna!
Dean, I don't agree that the show's not really a comedy - I find it hilarious. But I usually laugh harder when I think about it - when talking to friends about it, then when I first watch it.
Maybe the hilarity needs time to set in, but when it does some of it is tear inducingly, side-splittingly funny.
I agree that the show isn't at the forefront of Brit com today, and that's mainly because it's not consistent enough in quality. But it has the potential to be. Milky Joe, though not their funniest Ha ha episode, definitely can be considered as a classic moment of TV comedy and though I do fear fame has ruined the boys, I still hope they will pick up from there in series 3.

AnnaWaits said...

Thanks Nat :) Recording's going well, so I hear, so partying and babies aside, it seems that series three actually will be ready for the winter!

Anonymous said...

Hey that's great news, where did you hear that? (I heard differently). And I must say I'm not loving the lame-celebs parade they've got planned...