Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Catherine Tate - my two cents

It's pretty much a thumbs up from me. I like the idea of an older companion who'll stand up to the Doctor, and is absolutely not in awe of him (a little scared of what he can do, maybe, but not over-awed by him as a person). Donna will be good for Doc, I reckon.


Dean said...

Oh dear. Putting aside my dislike for Catherine Tate's comedic output, she was manageable in the christmas special as she was just this big, loud, over-the-top character that fitted right in with the big, loud, over-the-top christmas piece of fun. I can see her fitting right in to any RTD scripted episode but I really can't see how the more serious low-key style writers will handle it. I'm sure Stephen Moffet must have died a little inside when he found out. Unless, that is, they put the character through some major emotional trauma or have some other excuse for utterly changing her personality.

On the plus side, as someone pointed out to me earlier today, Martha in Torchwood = increased chance of seeing her in her undies. Shallow, I know :D

stu-N said...

They'll certainly have to develop the character quite a bit, and find a good reason for her to change her mind about travelling with the Doctor. But Tate's a good actress, with decent direction and a script that doesn't let her be too shouty. It's an interesting choice, and it isn't a part Tate would have taken if she just wanted to do more of the same — she must be doing it to reposition herself as an actress rather than a sketch-show comedian.

Everyone thought Billie would be a disastrous piece of stunt casting and how wrong they were...

AnnaWaits said...

Did anyone see the edited version of the Guardian's Organ Grinder blog-and-comments in the paper yesterday? Scott's comment was included, as was one that basically copy and pasted this post.

No, I don't believe it's a coincidence.

DanProject76 said...

I must remind myself...

Catherine Tate is not The Catherine Tate Show.

She was in Big Train.

She was in Harry Hill.