Monday, June 25, 2007

Mark Wright on Martha

"Freema Agyeman continues to shine, and Russell T Davies gives the actress some of her very best material here. While Rose was still making doe eyes at the Doctor this time last year, Martha is quite happy giving him a hard time as she watches her family being dragged away by the Master. “It’s all your fault!” she screams at him, a far cry from the lovelorn medical student we met 12 episodes ago. And as Martha is forced to leave the Doctor and Jack at the mercy of the Master, I can’t wait to see what she does next week. For this reviewer’s money, Martha Jones is the best Doctor Who companion since Sarah Jane Smith. Ooh, controversial…" TV Today

I wish I saw it. I wish I didn't think that she was a distinctly average actress. It would have made this series so much more enjoyable...


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

She has had more to do as the series has gone on: but I don't think she's yet hit the heights of what would make her classic.

I don't hate her like I thought I would after Rose left. It's more "meh" than "grr". I just don't feel peril for her much, I'm just not bothered enough about what happens to her.

Stu N said...

I actually quite like Martha; at least, I like the character I think Martha was supposed to be, and occasionally is. I really wasn't much of a fan of Rose, especially in the second series.

But anyway, if you have a look at the Mirror's website today, there's a story you might find interesting.

AnnaWaits said...

Hmmm interesting... and I've actually yet to work out whether it's Martha or Freema that I dislike!

Stu N said...

I've been completely charmed by Freema; she managed to stand up to Hannah Pool's 'you are a black woman, therefore you must be oppressed and dissatisfied with your lot, dammit' interviewing technique in the Guardian, which is pretty impressive. I'm fairly sure that any deficiencies in Martha are down to the writing and direction, cos if you're a lousy actress playing a duff character, you just don't have impressive moments, which she certainly has.

And, like I said, I don't get the Rose love, anyway.

If the Mirror report is true, it's a pretty shrewd move, writing-wise. I reckon one of the things that must make Who such a difficult show to write for is that it has a very, very small fixed cast, so you can't spin plotlines off character relationships that much (compared with Buffy, Serenity or Angel, which had five to seven regulars). You have to intriduce, use and dispose of a supporting cast with every episode, which makes it difficult for the audience to care, sometimes. Remember Marie's comments about Sally Sparrow in Blink?Making another character a drop-in-and-out type gives the writers an extra dimension to work with - when they're in the same time period, anyway. Which is exactly why RTD used Jackie, Pete and Mickey in the previous series, I suppose.

Mind you, Jack's spacehopper works now, which gives them a bit more leeway with him... the Doc won't have to go back to 21st Century Cardiff to interact with him anymore, unless they break it again in the last episode.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

They broke it Stu... now THAT was predictable!