Sunday, June 24, 2007

Doctor Who - The Sound of Drums

I really need to watch this again. Because, well, I didn't like it all that much. Here's the problems:

It was as if RTD got so involved in writing great stuff for the Master (*brilliantly* delivered by Mr. Simm of course) that he didn't leave time to do anything else very well. Necessary Gallifrey exposition? Oh, Doc can just sit down and tell it. Necessary Torchwood exposition? Oh, Jack can just sit down and tell it. Yup, that bit in the warehouse was pretty awful.

And I think that the perception thingy worked a bit too well because Jack, Martha and even the Doctor were all kinda absent. Just... dull. Maybe that's the Master being sucessful at neutralising the Doctor's assets; maybe RTD just had his eye off the ball.

Oh, and to have the first big discussion between the Doctor and the Master conducted ON THE PHONE? I think the correct Web 2.0 phrase is: WTF?!

Don't get me wrong, I *loved* John Simm as the Master, while I know that it's this performance (led completely by the script, if Simm on Confidential is to be believed) that will have been a problem for some people. It was just everything else that irked me. And yet I have *total* faith that next week's will be a total killer.

Hmm. Second watching is needed.


MediumRob said...

It wasn't great, but I think you have to forgive it a bit for being the middle part of a three-parter. That's always a bit of problem.

I forget whether it was Terry Nation or Dennis Spooner first came up with the "W" theory of Doctor Who script writing, but bar the ending, we can of have to assume that this was the sliding down bit before the climbing up again next episode.

Plus around about now, we have to assume the budget's all run out and they can't do much more than sit and discuss the plot after they've paid for the gunfire, Gallifrey shots, Captain Scarlet skybase, and whatever we're going to see in the next episode. Cursed BBC budgets.

Marie said...

Totally agreed about the exposition. Now stop running everybody, so we can explain some stuff. That kind of thing always makes me think of the Austin Powers character, Basil Exposition.

AnnaWaits said...

Rob - I do agree, and like I said I have *no doubt* that next week's will be brilliant. It's just it felt so flat, Master aside, and that was really disappointing.

And Marie - I did watch again last night and if anything the exposition bit was worse than I remember...

Lisa Rullsenberg said...


Tap, tap.

Nope. No good, it's bosted.

My critical faculties clearly just go break down when Doctor Who starts up.

Yes, it wasn't as good as last week (what could have hoped to be?!); yes, I equally expect next week to ramp things up again "W style"; but no, I still enjoyed this episode (and it seems more so than others).

I tell you what I did think though: Freema seemed to have more to do (and will do next week too).

I'm saving reviewing until after next week's finale. Sorry folks. Maybe the critical faculties will return then.