Sunday, June 10, 2007

Doctor Who - Blink

Lisa loved it, and Marie liked it but ultimately didn't care. This week, I'm with Lisa. I just fall for Moffat's writing every time - he's *so* clever in his plotting, and he's really the only writer who incorporates RTD-esque thoroughly New-Who gags and references (like the brilliant 'Sparrow and Nightingale - bit ITV' comment). If and when RTD calls it a day, Moffat's got to be the number one candidate for head writer, if you ask me. There haven't been that many laughs in this series, but, as always, Moffat provided them, while delivering one of the creepiest New-Who episodes. I was a bit concerned for the first few minutes though - Paul Fuzz said 'Am I watching Doctors?' (the pun was unintentional, I think...). But then Carey Mulligan continued to prove just what a charming actress she really is (she was also great in Northanger Abbey, and I hear in Bleak House too), Billy was instantly lovable (good job too seeing as though he was only in it for ten minutes) and all the transcript stuff was ridiculously satisfying.

Praise for the debutant director Hettie MacDonald too - the bit with the light going on and off was excellent, and I loved how the montage of statues was tagged onto the end with the sole intention of making kids scared of them. Brilliant.

(Oh, and I wish that the fact that the letter device was ripped straight out of Back To The Future II had been acknowledged... but that's because I love Back To The Future, and having the two overtly brought together would have been the coolest.)

P.S. Check out Rob's *measured* review, and Paul Fuzz's blog for the Billy Shipton spin-off...


Paul Fuzz said...

.1. Yeah, the pun was unintentional, unfortunately. I shoulda said 'I thought I was watching Doctor Who, not Doctors, ha ha ha'. But I didn't. And the 'Doctors-y' bit only lasted as long as the scene at her mate's flat. And then it got SO. GOOD.

.2. Was a shame they didn't play up the Back To The Future 2 did echo the "I've got something for you...a letter!" exchange quite closely, didn't it?

.3. I really dug this episode alot.

Paul Fuzz said...

Oh, and they should give that Billy guy his own 'Life On Mars' style cop-show set in 1969. How cool was he? You could have an awesome soundtrack (loadsa Hendrix, Cream etc) and have him kicking ass and fighting crime in sleazy late '60s Performance-era Nottinghill!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Glad you agreed with me Anna (though I did think you may). It was a joy of an episode wasn't it?!

AnnaWaits said...

It really was!
Billy should join up with Meg and Jack to make the ulimate, stylish, crime-fighting team.

DanProject76 said...

It was indeed fantastic. That's 3 in a row now!

Anonymous said...

Yay, I finally got into doctor Who, so I can now read back to your old reviews, Annabana.
I LOVED this ep especially, I thought it was well written, fun and genuinely creepy, definitely one of the best written/made episodes of the series, if not the last 4 series.
I agree, Moffat should take the helm next.
But I thought that montage at the end was a bit meh. It was totally the thing to do, make us (not just kiddies) fear statues forever more, but it was done too clumsily and was way too coarse. After such an accuarate episode, it's quite a miss.

But who cares really?
Awesome ep.