Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bart Simpson vs. The White Stripes

So so funny.


Paul Fuzz said...

"Hey kid! Watch where you're drumming!"

"Sorry White Stripes!"

Take THAT, Family Guy.

It's always ace when two things you think are ace get together and do something really ace. This clip is a real treat for fans of ALL THAT IS GOOD AND TRUE IN POP CULTURE, and it's as funny & charming as you would hope it would be. Both brands reside at the absolute pinnacle of their respective fields, and while The Simpsons might increasingly sag under the weight of mediocre celebrity cameos, The Simpsons v The White Stripes is something special. In fact, I'm putting in a vote for a White Stripes spin-off cartoon series, like The Jackson 5 or The Beatles, following Jack & Meg as they travel around the country kicking ass & fighting crime. They could have a secret underground Stipes Cave under the Hotel Yorba, and call upon The Seven Nation Army if they needed back-up. That would be THE COOLEST.

AnnaWaits said...

Haha hell yeah it would!

Matt_c said...